1. Sponsorship relates to the responsibilities and accountabilities of an organisational unit with respect to financial, technical, publicity, and administrative aspects of a conference. For a conference to be considered an IEEE conference, it must be sponsored by the IEEE, which in Indonesia is represented by the Section or the Chapters.
  2. Proposing organiser(s):
    1. An Indonesian organiser must represent a registered higher education, a research institute, or an IEEE unit.
    2. An international organiser must represent a proven IEEE Conference organiser (with a previous experience in organising IEEE-endorsed conferences).
  3. IEEE organisational units (Section/Chapters/etc) engaged in conference sponsorship are prohibited to enter into any type of sponsorship arrangement with a “for profit” organisation or under recommendation by IEEE Conference Quality, the organizer does not fit the criterion of "not-for-profit" organizations which would typically serve as partners/financial sponsors of IEEE technically-co-sponsored events.

Procedures for Sponsorship

  1. Contact a PIC for Conference endorsement.
    1. Section:
    2. Chapters: Chapter Chair (Ref: Chapter Chair List)
  2. Discuss the nature of sponsorship
    1. Co-sponsorship: Section or Chapter will optionally support with fund. The IEEE name may optionally be used in the conference title. Section or Chapter will receive the surplus or be liable for any deficit resulting from a conference; and will be responsible for assuring the timely resolution of any legal issues
    2. Technical co-sponsorship: Section or Chapter will support with technical expertise, i.e. to improve & to assure the quality of the conference. However, there is no guarantee that the papers accepted for presentation at the conference will be eligible for inclusion in the IEEE Conference Publications Program (CPP).
  3. Discuss the requirement for the conference
    1. All papers must be peer-reviewed. Each papers should be reviewed by at least 3 reviewers.
    2. Reviewers are from international experts from various institutions and countries.
    3. All processes are accountable. Procedures to avoid plagiarisms must be included.
    4. The organiser shall present a report after the event, including financial report.
  4. Consider the processing & endorsement fee
    1. Financial sponsorship: A revenue sharing scheme will be discussed and explicitly mentioned within the MoU.
    2. Technical sponsorship: The Section will not charge the organiser. Only if the conference results in profits, the organiser is suggested to present a donation to the sponsoring Section / Chapters.
  5. Prepare the MoU / MoA
    1. Read the conference timeline for the best practice in organizing a conference
    2. Conference organiser have to submit Letter of Agreement (LoA) to IEEE Indonesia Section Chair for requesting technical sponsor. Note that the MoU that come without LoA to IEEE Indonesia Section will not be processed
    3. Conference organiser shall submit a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to IEEE Conference Services for review, final approval, and execution.
    4. Visit:
    5. The IEEE Conference Services will process the MoU in 2-4 months.

Procedures for Conference Publications

  1. After a post-conference assessment, publications will be handled by the IEEE Conference Publications Program (CPP), which facilitates inclusion in the portfolio of IEEE electronic dissemination products, including the IEEE Xplore.
  2. Prior to publication by the IEEE, the organiser (an then all paper authors) shall transfer all copyright to the IEEE.
  3. After the MoU, the organise should start the process by fill in the form here:

Others Issues

  1. The following policies applies to the use of the term “IEEE” in the names of conferences:
    1. The term “IEEE” shall be used in the names of sole sponsored and co-sponsored conferences where IEEE is at least a 50% financial sponsor.
    2. The use of the term “IEEE” in the names of co-sponsored conferences in which IEEE is less than a 50% but at least a 25% financial sponsor is recommended but not required.
    3. The term “IEEE” shall not be used in the names of cosponsored conferences in which IEEE is less than a 25% financial sponsor. This includes conferences in which IEEE is only a technical cosponsor.
  2. The following policies applies to the use of the IEEE logo:
    1. Co-Sponsored conferences, where at least one organisational unit is non-IEEE, are encouraged to use the IEEE logo on all promotional material and publications along with the organisational unit logo(s).
    2. Technical Co-Sponsorship/Technical Cooperation conferences are allowed to use the IEEE logo on promotional material and publications, along with the entity logo(s) but shall not use the name “IEEE” in the title of the conference.
  3. A conference may use the word “international” in its title if the conference reflects a significant degree of international character. The technical program will include a significant number of papers from authors representing at least three countries. The Technical Program Committee must have a similar demographics in its roster.


Letter of Agreement (LoA) to IEEE Indonesia: [DOC]


  • 1

    Contact IEEE Indonesia

  • 2

    Submit LoA to IEEE Indonesia

  • 3

    Submit MoU

  • 4

    MoU Approval

  • 5

    Submit Conference Publication Form

  • 6

    Receive LoA for Indexing to IEEE Xplore

  • 7

    Hold Conference